A Moment To Remember




            “I met you because I was forgetful; I’m leaving you because I’m forgetful.” This statement came from the movie, “A Moment to Remember”. This is what the female character told the male character when their fate challenged their love for each other. At the beginning, their story seemed to be like any of those typical love stories where the man and the woman randomly meets for the first time and then constantly cross each other’s path leading them to develop love and attraction towards each other. After which, the couple gets married and, like what we hear from fairy tales, they lived happily ever after. However, this happy ending did not occur immediately. Su Jin discovered that she has this illness that will deprive her of all of her memories, even the person that she loved the most. Her disease erased her memory and left him in great pain. However, this struggle did not make a tragic story. It created a great love story that the heart will never forget even if the mind ceases to remember. 

            The story begins at a convenience store where Su Jin first met Chul Soo. Depressed Kim Su Jin went into a convenience store to buy a drink but she accidentally left her drink and her wallet. As she went back to get it, she met a man, Chul Soo, at the door of the store holding a soda which she thought was hers. Thinking that the drink was hers, she grabbed it and gulped it to the last drop. At the construction site that her   father was managing, she saw the man she encountered in the convenience store for the second time, and this time she knew that he was a man working for his father. Su Jin then got interested with him. When she went out with her friends, she actually planned to follow Chul Soo, and when she followed him, she and her friends mingled with his friends as well, they had a little drink and a little game of bet, Chul Soo said, that if Su Jin would drink the final shot they would be “stable”, and if not, they would be just strangers, so Su Jin take it. Those encounter in the food kiosk lead them to a deeper relationship.

            They are having a very happy relationship when Su Jin’s father started to notice his daughter’s happiness as if it’s because of a guy, so he asks her to let the family meet the guy she is dating with. Su Jin considered her father’s request, so she tried to convince Chul Soo, but unfortunately Chul Soo refused the idea. However, Su Jin arranged a surprise meeting for Chul Soo and his family which Chul Soo is not aware of. Both parties were surprised, especially the father of Su Jin and Chul Soo as well, the father didn’t like the idea that a carpenter is dating her daughter, so at first he does not approve of their relationship. But in that meeting, an unfortunate event happened, Su Jin collapsed. At the hospital, when she woke up, the first person she look for was Chul Soo, and Chul Soo rushed over her to hug her tight. Su Jin’s father saw how they love each other and permitted their relationship and got married.

            Even as a married couple, they continued to love each other intimately and continued to be successful in their professions. Chul Soo was able to pass the licensure for Architecture and Su Jin is enjoying her work. One day, when Su Jin went out with her friends, she told them that she has been finding it difficult to find her way home. But her friends didn’t take it seriously, so she decided to meet a specialist to know if something is wrong with her. She then found out that she has an Alzheimer’s disease. She decided to keep her condition to Chul Soo, but a time came where Chul Soo started noticing her weird behavior, so he met with the doctor who diagnosed her and found out what he needed to know. He was very furious about it that e almost wanted to hurt the doctor for saying such dreadful things. However, the doctor knows the sickness well, because her wife also suffered from the same disease. Since Chul Soo is now aware of his wife’s disease, and Su Jin knew that he already know what she has. Su Jin decided to leave him so that she won’t be a burden to him in the future, but Chul Soo refused and told her that he would not leave her. Later on, the family knew about the condition of Su Jin and decided to take her away from Chul Soo, so that she would be taken care of, but again, Chul Soo refuse, because for him, he is already the husband and has the responsibility of taking care of her.

            Affected by the disease, Su Jin unconsciously started to see Chul Soo as another man, she started to call him by her previous lover’s name and even saying “I Love You” in Chul Soo’s face though pertaining to the other man. Chul Soo then was emotionally breaking down of the pain being forgotten. Later on, Su Jin became aware of what she was doing and decided to leave Chul Soo so that she won’t be able to hurt him anymore. But Chul Soo started to look for her, and never stop. When they’ve met again, she could not recognize him. Chul Soo wanted Su Jin to remember her happiest memories with her loved ones. So he decided to make Su Jin visit the place where they first met, at the convenience store. When Su Jin entered, all of the memories that she thought were gone came back as if someone have written it again for her.

            We enjoyed watching the film “A moment to remember”. We liked it because the storyline is simple yet it did not give away too much which allowed the viewers to fill in those parts where anyone can relate, and truly feel the emotions of struggles of the characters. The essence of the story also made impact to us not only because it was tear-jerking but because of the morals it contains. We also liked it because the story did not just only emphasize about the love shared by two faithful lovers but also the unconditional love of the family, especially the love of the parents to their children.